How Did He Survive?

How Did He Survive?
By Kel Love

How did he survive?   Eventually we will all be faced with death.  Many are faced with health conditions in life and live to tell about what they went through.  Unfortunately some do not.  A person's health will either get better or worse.  His got better.  His name is John.  He is one of the nicest and friendliest people you will ever meet.  You might think he was homeless as much as you see him walking or riding a bike up and down the street.  I see him everywhere in Huber Heights.  He is constantly on the move and always very friendly, socialble, and in good spirits.  But honestly, he lives across the street from my mom and dad.

I just saw him today walking, carrying a VERY big walking stick ha ha!  He was showing me an app he uses for meeting friends he goes biking or hiking with.  He is an inspiration to me every time I see him.  Why?  Wow if you only knew.  First of all, John is a military veteran.  But also, John has had bladder cancer, stints in his heart, suffered from poor health, and several surgeries, but instead of giving up on life, he decided to take control of his life and to TAKE ACTION.

John decided to start exercising regularly and truthfully he bikes 30-50 miles a day!  Yes really!  Whenever I see him, he is either out walking or biking.  He changed his diet drastically but still claims he likes his chicken wings lol.  His diet consists of blueberries, artichokes, greens, vegetables, he heats lots of produce and lots of whole grains too, plus he eats plenty of other healthy food.  He has lost weight over the years from all of his regular exercising and healthy eating.  John makes NO EXCUSES!   Instead of hie poor health conditions killing him and having him sitting around depressed and overweight, his poor health changed him and he has a brand new life again!  John says "There are many reasons to exercise.  Bottom line, it improves the quality of life."

He probably should have lived much longer and most people wouldn't have.  (I'm sure all of his cats are happy!)  I have seen people who were faced with being overweight (doctor telling them they had to lose weight if they wanted to live longer than a few more years), cancer, strokes, poor health, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, other poor health conditions, and people who needed to quit smoking and change their lifestyle and just were too stubborn to do it.  It is sad to see this happening to people but amazing to see those who change when faced with death or poor health.

Change Your Decisions!  Change Your Mind!  Change Your Attitude!  Change Your Life!

Thank You John for being such an inspiration!  May God Bless You my friend!

Sincerely Yours, LeMoyne Kelvin Love Silas PFT MHP (Kel Love)

Kelvin Love 

Kel Love

"Motivating People to Achieve their Goals, Dreams, and a Healthier Happier Lifestyle."

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