Home Workouts Made Easy

                               Home Workouts Made Easy

I have a good friend of mine that was a client with me a few years ago.  She got really good results back then (she lost a total of 17 pounds)  Often times as a nurse, she had to work late and couldn't come by to workout.  Thank God she has equipment at home where she can still get her workouts in.  However believe or not she has a lot of the equipment at home that I have here in my home. Truthfully she claims she doesn't get in as good a workout at home as she does with me... but that is another story : )  but at least she still makes the effort.  I did offer to come by her home and personal train her too.  I am so nice ha ha!  Yes EXtreme Personal Fitness does offer In Home Personal Training.  Contact me for details.  See my contact information below!

So what kind of equipment does a person really need at home to workout?  Let me be honest with you, and I have worked at gyms PLUS sold home and commercial fitness equipment and I will be honest, you don't need as much equipment as you think.  The MAIN thing a person needs is heart, desire, and motivation.

So what do you really need besides heart, motivation, and desire?  A person can honestly just get some dumbbells, exercise bands, and maybe a few inexpensive other items such as an exerball or mini trampoline.  Nowadays there are so many different types of exercise videos and dvds a person can actually rent them from the library to always have something new on standby.  Get on ebay and look for people selling used videos and dvds at a cheaper price.

Dumbbells you can find at a sporting good store or even Walmart.  You can get several or the ones such as Power Blocks that are compact, easy to use, and quick to change.  I personally don't like to train with Power Blocks but I can train clients with them easy.  A lot of people do like them and say they work great!

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