How to Stay Fit and Lose Weight for Busy People

How to Stay Fit and Lose Weight for Busy People

Fitness and Weight Loss for the Person with a busy life.  (Most likely YOU!!!)

Incredibly important if you are someone who travels often or you just have very busy life.

Are you in a hurry?
Are you very busy?

Are you always in a hurry?
Are you constantly on the go?
Do travel for your job?
Do you have a very busy life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, help is indeed on the way.  You are not alone my friend.  Much of the world is constantly on the move and going going going like the Energizer Bunny.  Welcome to the life of the chaos (word chosen by most of my female clients to describe their lives.)

So where, when, and how, does the busy person or business professional find time for exercise, weight loss, eating healthy, and planning and preparing meals?  It is honestly much easier than you think but the plan is not just a dream you vision, you actually have to "take action".  In other words, the tips that  I share with you require that you follow through with them to be successful.  So in other words again, you must take action.  

"If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail."
Benjamin Franklin

The problem that most people face when it comes to losing weight, eating healthy, staying fit, is to eat properly and to consume enough calories to allow their body's natural metabolism to function optimally.  (Yes I DID SAY that "consume enough calories" ) and believe it or not 99% of people that I speak with do not consume enough calories and chances are you are most likely one of the 99%.   The reason why most people don't is because they are just too busy.  The failed to plan and if you have ever heard the old saying "If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail."  You must GET ORGANIZED to be successful!!!

Planning for success and being organized the key for any aspect of life especially in business but also in weight loss, eating healthy, trying to stay fit and exercising.   Most clients that I speak with are just your average people with busy lives who are constantly on the move with life, kids and kid's functions, family, school, job, starting their own business, church, sports, and just your day to day stuff that keeps them occupied.  

It doesn't matter if you are a business professional who is traveling or if you are going to be staying with family or friends for a few days or if you are going on vacation.  All the things on this list can and do apply in those situations too.

  • The top things that you need to plan into your lives for success are as follows.                    Do keep in mind that for optimal success, you must find time to continuously fit these in on a weekly and/or daily basis.

1. Cardiovascular Exercise
2. Weight Training
3. Eating Your Meals
4. Cooking and Preparing Your Meals
5. Grocery Shopping
6. Water & Nutrition

So when does the madness stop?  Chances are it doesn't!  Welcome to the life of the chaos (the word chosen by most of my female clients to describe their lives.)  I have a client right now who travels for her job.  She is in and out of town virtually every other week.  I hope she is eating the way she needs to.  I when I served the U.S. military and taught them the principles of weight loss, fitness, vitamins, and nutrition, the one thing that I constantly emphasized to them over and over was "meal planning".  I discuss this often plus in my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss".   To pick up your copy today, Click Here Now!!!

If you are going to be traveling out of town then you are going to have to take into account and consider few things of major importance.  Do also keep in mind that with today's technology of the internet and smart phones, you can easily check to see where local gyms, grocery stores, health or nutrition stores, or restaurants before you even board the plane.  Then you can use the GPS on your smart phone to find them.  

1. Where will you exercise?  Wherever you are traveling to and wherever you will be, is there a gym or health club nearby where you can do your cardio and weight train?  Does the hotel where you may be staying have any exercise equipment or do they partner with a local gym for cheaper rates?  Some hotels partner with local gyms to give their guests free or cheaper gym access while they are in town.  Remember to check with your hotel to see!

2. What will the weather be like?  Yep if you are traveling to a place where the weather is good then you may be able to do some cardio outside.  However if it is snowing or raining then you will most likely have to pursue your cardio indoors somewhere.

3. Will your job feed you or will you need to bring or buy your own food?  Many companies do feed their employees or give them a food allowance while they are traveling.  But just because they are feeding you for free doesn't mean you should eat it either.  While it may be healthy food, it may not be the best food for you and your fitness or weight loss program.

4. Where can you grocery shop?  Check into your area before you go to see where you can grocery shop when you get in town to buy necessary food items.

5. Eating at restaurants.  What restaurants are local and close to where you will be staying or working?  Do you like the selections or do you need to think of other ideas.

6. Health or nutrition stores.  You may need to shop at a GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or other health food store when you get into town.  Sam's Club, Walmart, or other retailer may also have a good supply of protein powder and protein/nutrition bars that you can pick from.

7. Should you buy it before you leave or when you get into town?  This all depends on you and how much you can take on the plane.  Many of my former customers used to buy protein powder and take it with them.  Some would buy it when they got into town and even ship home what they didn't use.  You can also buy necessary supplements, protein powder, protein/nutrition bars, vitamins and supplements when you get into town.  

8. Are you going to take food with you or grocery shop when you get into town?  If you are driving you can most likely take a cooler and pack some food.  You can cook some food before you leave for your trip too.  Remember and think about what foods are easiest to take with you on a trip.  (Such as canned tuna or tuna packs (remember to take your can opener), canned chicken/salmon or take packs, Greek yogurt, skim or 2 % milk (buy smaller cartons if needed) 12 grain bread, whole grain crackers, brown rice, oatmeal (take the packets), fiber bars, healthy nutrition bars, protein bars, protein powder, frozen dinners (keep in a cooler).  

8. These are just a few food examples to begin to get your mind to "think" in the right way for traveling.  The REAL question to begin to ask yourself is "What foods can you easily take with you while you are traveling?"  Yes it may be easy to take them or it may require a little bit of preparation but it will be totally worth your time.

9. Remember to take your exercise videos!  Pack with you your exercise videos and DVDs, exercise bands, light dumbbells, fitness mats, running shoes, ipods, or whatever else you will need to exercise and workout while you are traveling.  Develop a system and helpful checklist in case you need to travel again.  You will feel glad you did!   

10. Does the hotel have a microwave?  Does the hotel where you are staying in or does the gas station up the street from it have a microwave where you can cook some of your food?  Is there a refrigerator in the hotel room?  Having a refrigerator in your hotel room is awesome and often times worth a little extra money.

11. Remember that you may need to purchase plastic wear (forks, spoons, and knives) cups, plastic plates, plastic throw away dishes (that you may want to keep)  protein shaker cups that you brought from home, even a cooler (take whatever size cooler you) or remembering to take other necessary items while you are traveling.

12. Plan all of these things in advance and make a list so that you will know exactly what you will need to take with you and how much of these items.  I'm sure there are more tips but this will get your mind thinking in the right direction.  

13.  Going out of town with your kids?   Are you going out of town with your kids for sports, or a camping trip, hunting, on a boat or a cruise ship, sports tournament, vacation, do remember that all of these things are important still.  Have fun with your kids but you do need to plan and develop a strategy for what you will eat, especially if you will be camping or not close to a microwave or electricity. 

It doesn't matter if you are a business professional who is traveling or if you are going to be staying with family or friends for a few days or if you are going on vacation.  All the things on this list can and do apply in those situations too.

14.  I will say this again, do remember to sit down plan come up with a strategy and master all of the many things on this list.  They are critically important to you success and continued success while on your fitness and weight loss journey.  Do take all of these things into consideration.  I cannot begin to stress the importance enough.  Get organized and begin to plan for your fitness and weight loss success!

15.  How will you drink 8-12 glasses/cups (64 oz to 96 oz) of water EVERY DAY?  What do you need to do to make sure that you can and will drink that much water every day during your trip?

16.  Remember your nutrition is important.  Pack or plan to buy any supplements, vitamins, protein/nutrition bars and shakes.  I mentioned this above already.  I cannot stress the importance of staying on track during a trip no matter how long the trip is.  It doesn't matter if the trip is for 21 days or for just 2 or 3 days.  Remember that.

May God Bless You!   Your sincerely in good health!

LeMoyne Kelvin Love Silas (Kel Love)

Personal Fitness Trainer, Weight Loss Consultant, Fat Loss Specialist, Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist, Nutrition Guidance.

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