Solutions for Stress

                Have You Ever Felt Stressed??

By Kel Silas CFT MHT

Are there any solutions for stresses?  Who doesn't have stress?  Stresses come from several different places.  Some stresses come from things that suddenly enter into your life such as death, car problems, divorce, problems and challenges with kids, and others can be ongoing such as job stress, school (college), kids, even marriage and relationships (even the happiest ones)  Here are some of the top stressful life stressors and then we will get into solutions.  Having a regular stress buster program can keep the stress o' meter down inside you and help you to cope with stresses much easier.  Take control of the stresses so that the stresses aren't having you!

The Top Life Stressors

1. Death of a family member or close friend
2. Divorce
3. Marriage (Yes it is wonderful but it can be stressful) Relationship problems
4. Moving
5. School (College) including classes, projects, exams

6. Loss of job, being unemployed, changing jobs, starting a new job
7. Being in the military or armed forces (also including going TDY or deploying)
8. Drug or alcohol abuse (for yourself)
9. Drug or alcohol abuse (for someone else)
10. Family problems or family drama

11. Changing schools (primarily kids)
12. Car problems
13. Financial problems, money, bills
14. Schedule changes including any changes expected or unexpected to your daily schedules
15. Time changes (setting the clock forward or back is not fun; also includes traveling)

16. Problems sleeping (insomnia, difficulty falling asleep and not getting enough sleep)
17. Victims of abuse (especially verbal or sexual)
18. Victims of crime
19. Job stress and challenges at work or company deadlines
20. Starting your own business

21. Meeting deadlines
22. The feeling of being overwhelmed
23. Not having enough time
24. Having way too many things to get accomplished
25. Loneliness

26. Being sick or having an illness
27. Having a major illness or bodily injury, health problems
28. Being without your phone or computer

29. Hidden stresses (Hidden stresses are truly unconscious and we don't even realize they are there.  These can often be the worst stresses.  Hidden stresses are often trapped deep in the unconscious mind.  When you become aware of these stresses you can begin to deal with them.  Hidden stresses can also be the way we perceive things in our life.  They consciously don't seem to bother us much but unconsciously they really do.)  They can be big things or even the smallest things.
30. Not being happy with your body or your physical attractiveness

* There are so many more!  The list goes on and on!

Solutions for Stress

* Many of these stress relievers will overlap from one category to another depending on each person's likes. Taking time out to regularly, consistently, and weekly doing these things will enhance the quality and longevity of your life.

1. Do things to Relax.  This is one of the most important so I will include it first.  It is amazing how many people I have spoken to who were stressed but never took time to relax.  Relaxing calms the mind and brings peace to your spirit.  Relaxing also helps you to instantly feel good.  Some examples of relaxing things are yoga, meditation, self hypnosis, reading a book, spending time in your flower bed or garden, fishing, receiving a nice long massage, relaxing in a hot tub or sauna, taking a walk in the park, knitting, just spend some quiet time at home, relax to candles and inscents (scented gonesh stickes).  I have been relaxing quite often to burning fragrance oils and my indoor electric chimes (they sound so peaceful).  If you want to learn what I do and see where I get my fragrance oils then please click here.

2. Do things You Enjoy.  To me "things you enjoy" are like hobbies.  We all have hobbies or things we enjoy doing.  Many of us, being very busy with life end up putting our enjoyable hobbies off to the side when instead; we should make them a regular part of our lives.  Or do you have a friend or family member that you have been saying you were going to see and you just haven't?  Why?  Is there something or somewhere you have been saying you were going to go or do and you just haven't?  Why?  Get out and do these things and go these places.  Now just imagine how good you will feel.  Your life is worth it.

3. Do things to Have Fun.  Things to have fun can vary for each and every person.  I am obviously NOT talking about going out and getting drunk either but to some people it is.  Doing things to have fun could be a day at King's Island or Disney World or an amusement park, museum or zoo.  It could be going to a comedy club and laughing so hard that your tummy hurts for days.  Laughter is an incredible way to reduce stress and make you feel good.  See Proverbs 17:22 "A joyful heart if like good medicine..." (or often translated a cheerful or merry heart).

4. Start Exercising an Weight Training Program.  Exercise and weight training are very well known stress busters to alleviate stress.  Running (most exercise) releases endorphins (hormones that function as neurotransmitters released by the pituitary glands that have motivational benefits and increase excitement and make you feel good and increasing/elevating your mood), and also increase other hormones such as dopamine and serotonin with very similar benefits.

5. Pamper and Spoil Yourself.  Every person deserves to get pampered and spoiled.  You deserve to feel good.  You deserve happiness.  Now there are several ways a person can pamper and spoil themselves and please, this shouldn't be taken too far out of context or gone overboard with excessive spending.  You could treat yourself to a nice lunch, a movie, an outfit or a new pair of shoes.  You could treat yourself to a new fishing rod or a new X Box game.  You can treat yourself to a day at the spa or go get your car detailed.  You could treat yourself to a massage or a pedicure.  You could even treat yourself to a vacation or getaway cruise.  Whatever it is, do it and include being pampered and spoiled into your new stress busters plan.

6. Take a Good Multivitamin.  Taking a good multiple vitamin to help give your body the necessary vitamins and minerals can truly help a person under periods of stress.  Having spent 12 years with GNC (General Nutrition Centers) my honest preference are a capsule, soft gel, or liquid multiple vitamin, or vitamin powder. (no tablets or caplets)  From my research and experience tablets and caplets are not absorbed nearly as well as capsules, soft gels, or liquids.

I also would spend money on getting a good multiple vitamin from either a GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or other health food or nutrition store, or you can order them from several very reputable companies (usually these are much more expensive but they are usually the really really GOOD multiple vitamins that are absorbed very well)  I personally do not think a person needs high potency multiple vitamins (sorry GNC) and of course everyone's needs are different.

For example, Pharmanex/Nu Skin vitamins, Arbonne, Shaklee, USANA, Nikken, Juice Plus, are just a few examples.  I really do not know the quality of any of these vitamins (except Pharmanex/Nu Skin are AWESOME but again they are higher quality and higher end but well worth the money.)  They have this really cool high tech device called a Biophotonic Scanner that measures your antioxidant levels non invasively in just a few minutes.  You can tell then if your current vitamins are really working or not.

Some people may need extra B vitamins, or extra vitamin C, etc.  If the vitamins are absorbed well into the tissue and blood stream, a person should really benefit from them.  It is common knowledge that most Centrum, One a Day Vitamins, Theragram B, Walmart or Sam's Club multivitamins are basically worthless.  The absorption rate is horrible and they pass right through your system not absorbed into the toilet.

7. Take Supplements or Herbs.  There are several good herbs for stress.  Just to name a few there are St John's Wort, Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Ginseng (helps one to adapt to stress.  Panax, Siberian, or Korean is most likely best.)  Kava Kava, Ginkgo Bilboa, Chamomile, or other supplements such as L-Tyrosine (an amino acid)  DMAE or dimethylethanolamine (also an amino acid)  GABA or gamma-Aminobutyric acid (also an amino acid).

Tyrosine, DMAE, and GABA all stimulate the neurotransmitters in the brain that help you focus, be more alert and awake (mental energy)  Melatonin, which most people take for sleep, can help with stress (assuming one can get sleep at night)  Also too 5-HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan) is also good for stresses, depression, mood enhancer and more.  They say there isn't much tryptophan in turkey but I'd swear since I've been eating more of it, I am more alert.  I have actually been eating it at night.  It hasn't made me tired but I wake up feeling energetic.

Also consider guarana (herbal caffeine) or Green Tea can also be used as a pick me up to give more energy.  I would not go overboard however with caffeine or coffee in general.  Having too much caffeine can keep a person awake at night.  If you absolutely have to have it, try only using it early in the morning or in the early afternoon.  (Find your cut off time during the day.  Chances are you could have your energy supplement up until a specific time during the day.)

8. Have a Better Diet and Eating Plan.  Having a much healthier diet and a much more balanced one can easily help a person to alleviate stress.  Most people need to have a much better diet and eating plan.  Having a more balanced diet of protein, carbs, and fats is critical for reducing stresses and eliminating sugar crashes too!  Start working on your diet and eating plan today!  Begin following the many suggestions in my weight loss book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss" that you should be already reading!!!  Shouldn't you!?  If you do not yet have a copy of the book, then just relax, you can get the book either by Hard Copy Version or PDF Version at these links.  Get Hard Copy Version or Get PDF Version  

9. Get Plenty of Sleep.  According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) Sleep is essential to a person's health and well being.  Getting plenty of sleep is important but even more important is going to bed at approximately the same time every night.  Your body is like a baby and becomes very sensitive to what time you go to sleep.  Getting consistent sleep is critically important if not your body clock gets thrown off and that is one way a stressful life begins.

Going to be at the same time every night means that if your average time to go to bed is 11:30 pm then I would say 15 min before or after then (11:15-11:45) would be acceptable.  Or on occasion even 45 min each way "could be" ok (but only on occasion) because as I said, it can end up screwing up your body clock and then you end up tired the next day, getting up late, not eating the way you need to, cranky at work etc.  So do yourself a favor and get PLENTY of sleep!  You may need to wind down at night before just getting in bed and trying to fall asleep.  How stress wreaks havoc on your gut – and what to do about it

10. Indulge.  Yes you heard me say it "Indulge".  Yes it is okay and acceptable from time to time no matter what the junk food is.  Or having "just a little bit" is also acceptable.  You can't do this all the time or every day.  How much you indulge   See this blog previous blog post about "You can have just a little bit".

12.  Get more sunshine  Getting more sunshine boosts the mood and helps to alleviate depression. Sunshine increases Vitamin D production.  A good 10-20 min a day or even every other day can do wonders.  God created the sun and He gave it to us for a reason.  Didn't he?  Sunshine makes us smile and feel good.  I really wasn't a big huge sunshine kind of person until recently when one of my sisters Reverend Terri suggested it and then I did research.  Turns out whatever they put in regular chicken (hormones and who knows what else) was draining me of Vitamin D.  I had been eating organic chicken for a year (which I prefer but it is just so doggone expensive.  I switched back and was tired again, until I began getting more sunshine routinely.)  For more information on sunshine.  Here is a really good article on the Power of Sunshine. Time in the Sun. How much is needed for Vitamin D?

11. Take advantage of the power of prayer.  Take advantage of the power of God the Almighty.  Spend some time in regular (daily) prayer, even multiple times a day praying.  It doesn't have to be a long winded prayer.  It can be a very short prayer.  It is the power of your words and your connection with your Lord God in heaven that really truly matters.  He is always with you and He is always listening.  Hebrews 13:5-6. If you are not sure how to pray, just speak and say to God whatever is on your heart.  He does understand. During times of stress, struggles, life's challenges, the trials and tribulations, this is always a good time to reconnect with God the Father and even start back going to church.

A person can always find a good church if they don't have one.  You may spend weeks or even months "church shopping" but the rewards are well worth it.  If you feel you need some help in this area, please do contact me and I will give you some suggestions on how to find a good church, or just listen to you (no judgmentally) to whatever you have been going through.  Praying for yourself isn't always enough, have your friends praying for you too.  The more prayer you can get the better.  And I will take all I can get!  May God bless you my friend!

12. Laughter. Laughing is the wonder drug for reducing stress.  Laughing makes you feel good and exercises all of your body's organs.  Laughter also releases endorphins that naturally reduce stress.  The Bible speaks very highly about laughter.  The Mayo Clinic also talks about the benefits of laughter click here "Stress Relief from Laughter" at

13. Nature. I heard something on the radio this morning about walking through nature and and even doing things in nature can naturally reduce stress.  (Walking the trails, hunting and fishing could possibly qualify or even just sitting and relaxing at a pond or lake.) When you figure that many of us are attached to our cell phones constantly, internet, computers, iPads, iPhones, laptops, etc. we need a break (our minds need a break) from the intake of data and all the things that could be and are stressing it. Here are a couple of good links on this. Reduce Depression, Avoid Cancer, and Relax with Nature and How Walking in Nature Prevents Depression and How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain

Sincerely yours in Christ, LeMoyne Kelvin Silas CFT MHT NS

LeMoyne Kelvin Silas

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