Saturday Night Cooking!

Home on a Saturday night cooking baked salmon and tilapia. YUMMMY! If you know you need the food then you gotta cook it so you can eat it.
I talk to clients all the time and the one thing almost all of them appear to be struggling with (all people in general) is planning and cooking their meals. Chef Le Kelvin's Delicious Cafe'
Most people, especially in America are resorting to eating out at restaurants as a way of life instead of cooking and preparing their own meals.
What happens is most people nowadays are so busy with their kids, school, relationships, and life in general that they have not remembered the #1 most important thing that MUST be considered on any exercise, fitness, or weight loss program... PLANNING!

I find that people always seem to find their way to the gym but when it comes to eating right or eating healthy, and having the meals and food that they need to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, they unfortunately don't usually make the passing grade on the average.
As a Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer, I always preach about it to my clients and it is helpful. I find the more I preach and emphasize it, they finally begin to understand just how important it is. If, you really find yourself feeling like you really desire to accomplish your weight loss or fitness goals "get in contact with me". It is important to work with someone you can trust who will also motivate and encourage you (plus hold you accountable).

Kel Love

"Motivating People to Achieve their Goals, Dreams, and a Healthier Happier Lifestyle."


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