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Happy Memorial Day!  

It's Sunday night and in honor of Memorial Day and my father, I am outside pulling a late night cooking on the grill.  This is the first post I have made since December 2010.  My apologies but for the many who did not know, my father took sick early 2011 and then passed away late last July 2011, and I also went back to school.  With those two things, and starting this personal training business, the Great Kel has been busy!  So again, for the many veterans we honor on this Memorial Day and my father Charles G. Silas, who was King of the Grill with his legendary BBQ sauce wearing an apron said "Soul Food Sweetie" this night is for you!

The BBQ chicken you see below is actually from a few years ago however I am grilling chicken right now on the grill.  I will pull it off before it is completely done and put it in the oven for about forty minutes to let it really cook thoroughly.  (I just put it in the oven!)  I have some sirloin burgers on the grill as of now (YUMMY!) and they will go in the crock pot as soon as the turkey sausage gets done.  (I have turkey sausage in the crock pot right now that should be done in about thirty minutes or so.)   You may be thinking "Sirloin burgers???  Kel!!?"  ha ha ha!  The burgers are about 90% lean and contain 23 grams of protein and 10 grams of fat.  With the way I train and not a lot of fat in my diet, its not a big deal really.  Not to mention, on an open grill, I presume some of the fat is cooked away.

It has been a wonderful day of cooking!  I started late on purpose due to the immense heat here in Dayton, Ohio (95 degrees today YIKES!!!)   I didn't want to roast me out there too so I waited til about 8 pm before I actually got started.  The burgers are cooking slow for the most part since the fire has died down.  I like putting the burgers in the crock pot.  It seems to really enhance the flavor that way and taste even juicier. The oven alarm is sounding now!  Time to check the chicken!  BRB! 

Yes I cook a lot of food!  But it is very important for anyone on any kind of an exercise, fitness, or weight loss program.  You have to eat eat keep your metabolism running optimally and lose weight and obviously gain muscle.  Plus I LOVE to eat!  Too many people anymore who are on these programs are usually not eating well, not consuming enough calories, and are eating way too much at restaurants.  I personally prefer to cook for myself and eat at home.  Friday nights have became "Date Night" for me and my mom over the last 6 months with dad gone, so we always go out somewhere and eat.  Usually I will order chicken or steak depending on where we eat.  I have eaten out more in the past 6 months (and in the last year or so) than I have over the last 10 years!  I cover BOTH of these topics as far as cooking preparation and eating at restaurants in my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss".

The turkey sausage is about done in the crock pot and then time to put the sirloin burgers in there.  They will cook all night and be ready when I wake up in the morning.  The delicious smell of food cooking is priceless to smell when you first wake up in the morning or even when you come home after being gone all day. 

Enjoy your holiday on Monday!  Go EXtreme for Life!

 May God Bless You!  Sincerely, Kel Silas (LeMoyne Kelvin Silas)

Kel Love

"Motivating People to Achieve their Goals, Dreams, and a Healthier Happier Lifestyle."

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