Why a Frappe’ Won’t Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss or Fitness Goals

Why a Frappe’ Won’t Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss or Fitness Goals

If you want to get FAT quickly and not be able to fit in your clothes then have a Frappe'!!!

Do you want to get FAT QUICKLY and have LOTS of EXCESS FLAB WEIGHT and BODY FAT and suddenly not to be able to fit into your clothes?  If you answered yes then by all means have a frappe'.  The word frappe' in French actually means "chilled drink".  And sadly they are taking control of the United States and making thin people fat and overweight people even fatter (smh)

And this girl is carrying this big fattening ice cream looking thing called what I have learned is a Frappe'.

I was in my car between college classes yesterday at Kroger's parking lot eating some grilled chicken.  I had just came from inside using their microwave to heat up my food, when this girl comes out racing to her car (she needed to lose easy about 30-40 pounds!) and this girl is carrying this big fattening ice cream looking thing called what I have learned is called a Frappe'.  I just shook my head in awe as she began devouring this thing as she appeared to be on her way to work.

So what is a Frappe'?  A Frappe' is a Greek foam-covered ice coffee drink made from instant coffee.  These Frappe's, unbelievably and growing popular here in the U.S. (go figure!)  This is not at all surprising due to Americans obsession with drinking coffee.  As I just researched Frappe's are truly very high in excess calories and excessively fattening.  A Starbucks Frappe' is much considerably better with not near as much fat.  But let's pick on McDonald's now.  Shall we!?   Let's see what all the hype is about and begin to explore some better options for better health and to achieve our weight loss and fitness goals.

Weight Loss Journey!  My McDon't Frappe'

Research taken from http://www.myfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts-calories/mcdonalds-carmel-frappe

McDonald's Frappe' Rating FFF

A small 12 ounce McDonald's Frappe' (Caramel) contains a big whopping 450 calories!  YES REALLY!  The small 12 ounce McDonald's Frappe' contains 20 grams of fat, 61 grams of carbs, and only 6 grams of protein.

A medium 16 ounce McDonald's Frappe' contains a big whopping 550 calories!  The medium 16 ounce McDonald's Frappe' contains 24 grams of fat, 76 grams of carbs, and only 8 grams of protein.

A large 20 ounce McDonald's Frappe' contains a big whopping 680 calories!  The large 20 ounce McDonald's Frappe' contains 29 grams of fat, 94 grams of carbs, and only 10 grams of protein.


 Starbucks Frappucino Rating D

A Starbucks Frappucino contains anywhere from about 100-300 calories.  Hmm... 100 calories doesn't sound that bad.  Now does it!?  The Starbucks Frappucino contains 22-58 grams of carbs, some 0 grams of fat and others up to 12 grams of fat with an average of only 2 to 4 grams of protein.  Even the Frappucino Light is horribly balanced with predominately all carbs and sugar.  This is just as bad as drinking Pepsi, Coke or any pop for the most part.  The calories and sugar in either McDonalds or Starbucks is horrible and it will most likely cause your blood sugar to spike just upon looking at it and you will be storing fat from just the thought of drinking one of these.  Neither of these are good for the person who wants to lose weight and body fat (which is most of you readers and the majority of my clients!)

It is obviously very important to make good choices.  Everyone deserves to be able to splurge and enjoy themselves.  Do they!?  Or don't they?  Some have earned the right through their workouts and mastering and being faithful/dedicated to their eating plan.  And others assume they have the right just because they feel they should.  Many end up falling prey to junk foods during emotional stress, depression, when out with others and peer pressure, at work, or they are just in a hurry and hungry (they didn't plan their meals).  If you are clearly obtaining your goals and you are working out (weight training) and exercising (doing cardio) and your eating plan for your goals is an A or a B (How do you know if it is?  Keep reading!)  I covered these these topics in my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss".  Available at EXtremeforLIFE.com  Now let's look at some CHAMPIONS for success which are MUCH better choices than our enemy the frappe.

Fage Total 2% Yogurt is a Champion for Success Rating A+

At only 90 calories, Fage Total 0% Yogurt makes the perfect on the go snack/meal.  Equipped with 20 grams of protein, only 8 grams of carbs and 4 grams of fat, it paves the way for champion success by those who desire to lose weight, burn body fat, stay healthy, and feel good!  The Fage Total 2% which contains  only 150 calories with 20 grams of protein, 8 grams of carbs, and 4 grams of fat is much better balanced than it's sister the Fage Total 0% (15 grams of protein, 7 grams of carbs, and 0 grams of fat).  Also available in various flavors containing fruit, just check for the sugar.  From what I see they have only 12 grams of protein (peaches flavor and blueberry flavor) with 17 grams of carbs and 2.5 grams of fat which still is much better in nutrition and helping you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals than the frappe.  And YES you should be able to easily find it in your grocery store, Walmart, Krogers, Meijers, or Health Food Stores such a Trader Joes.  If you feel creative, you can use all sorts of fancy recipes to make smoothies using Greek Yogurt.  I saw one with caramel and sugar free chocolate syrup mmm... mmm... yummmmy

Low Fat Cottage Cheese is a Champion for Success Rating A +

 Low Fat Cottage Cheese Fat Free Cottage Cheese  is another Champion.  Yes you can find this at any grocery store.  The average low fat cottage cheese will contain about 15 grams of protein, 4 to 6 grams of carbs and about 2 to 3 grams of fat.  Sodium can be very VERY HIGH in cottage cheese however it's worth it in my opinion (just watch your sodium in other areas of your diet and keep it lower there and you should be ok).   Eating it with pineapple has become very popular for some reason.  You can mix in your own fruit just only add a little for taste.  Adding too much increases the amount of sugar in it.  In both cases with Fage Yogurt (there are other brands of Greek Yogurt too) and Low Fat or Fat Free Cottage Cheese, you can just open it up and eat it.  QUICK, FAST, and EASY!  You don't have to cook it!  Doesn't that feel great!

The Legendary Protein Shake is a Champion for Success Rating A +

Obviously a there a only two ways to have a protein shake.  You either make it yourself or you buy it already made.  I am not going into too much detail about protein shakes however you can obviously find them at pretty much every grocery store section or health food/nutrition store.  You can buy them already pre made (commonly referred to RTD's or ready to drink) or buy some protein powder and make it yourself.  There are several kinds.  Remember, I managed a GNC on a Government Military Base for 12 years so this I do know.  You need to be aware of how much protein, carbs and sugar and fat is in it no matter what you buy.  (How many grams and what the ratio is)  Protein shakes are also available in various flavors typically chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.   You can however mix protein powder in a blender with water or milk (even Crystal Light or a sugar free drink) or use peanut butter, frozen yogurt, nuts, fiber powder, or make a fruit or vegetable smoothie. Balance is what gives this an A+ Rating (see below!)

Your best bet probably is just to buy a whey based protein powder or a soy based protein powder.  Some have different types of protein mixed together.  They also have MRP's (meal replacements)  The original meal replacement was by a company called MetRx.  Thank them!  MetRx.com.  They really got this whole protein shake started as also did Designer Protein or Designer Whey by Next Nutrition.  An MRP is in a packet (now you can buy them already pre made in a carton) and usually you will find a ratio about 36 grams of protein, 24 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of fat which is about 258 calories (this was close to the original MetRx).  Many protein shakes are just protein and that's it.  Balance is important for obtaining a healthy lean body.

Nowadays the ratio of protein shakes really varies but you may find 22 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbs and 1 gram of fat.  It really just depends on the company/manufacturer.  EAS also carries the Myoplex brand of MRP's which have always been excellent.  EAS.com.  They have several so you need to look at the calories.  Typically the only difference in their MRP's is the grams of protein.   Do remember that you need carbs to burn fat!  So if there's no carbs or not many carbs in your protein shake or food then you need to add some in it or eat some with it! See below a frozen coffee protein smoothie with pieces of Oreo Cookies and fat free whipped cream!  Just imagine all of the infinite possibilities you can create!   Create it YOUR way!  

                                                          Doesn't this look delicious!??

Fit Frappe's do look promising!

Packed with fat burning protein low carbs and low calories.  The Fit Frappe' is hands down a much better choice than Mc Downs, Burger Fats, or Star Junk.  You can always add in some almonds or nuts, and a little bit of fruit to give it some carbs.  Watch this girl's video below.  She tells how she makes her's and she does a really nice job on the review.

  130 Calories!

What is Fit Frappe? 

Skinny Lattes! Fit Frappé is an outrageously delicious café style protein drink mix and will keep you full and fully charged to take on 2014!
Great Tasting: Big Train put its 21 years of experience in making delicious easy to make beverages to create this new line of gourmet protein skinny latte drink mixes. Fit Frappé is made with Calcium Caseinate for a delicious, clean and creamy taste versus Whey protein that typically has a chalky protein aftertaste.
Have your Coffee and Healthy too!: Fit Frappé offers three coffee flavors, two non-coffee flavors and one chai flavor that combine the energy from caffeine and all of the health benefits of a gourmet protein beverage.
Versatility: Each unique, healthy and great tasting Fit Frappe beverage can easily be made blended, iced or hot. The vanilla and chocolate flavors make terrific bases for your own custom espresso protein drink, green smoothies or fruit smoothies.
Excellent Meal Replacement: Fit Frappé offers a wonderful, long-lasting, protein-boosting beverage that you can drink in place of a breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack.
A 16 oz of Fit Frappe has:
At Least 20 g Protein
130 Calories
2 g Sugar or Less
3.5 g Fat
5 g Fiber
100 - 200mg caffeine (coffee and chai flavors, Vanilla has zero caffeine)
19 Vitamins & Minerals
4-6 g Net Carbs
Gluten Free

Big Train's Fit Frappe'

Watch the video review above on Big Train's Fit Frappe'
This girl from Pretty Losers does a nice job on the review.

They also have Spiced Chai Latte, Vanilla, Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla Latte, Espresso

Check out my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss" available at EXtremeforLIFE.com or see details at Facebook.com/EXtremePersonalFitness

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