Enjoying Lots of Cardio Fun in My Flowerbed

Enjoying Lots of Cardio Fun in      My Flowerbed 

A lovely view of my roses and flowerbed from 7 or 8 years ago.  My ladies from this past year 2012 also look good and are still blooming in November!

Here are my lovely ladies.  Aren't they gorgeous!?  Yes they are beautiful.  They are truly a joy to see up close.  I have much much more than what you can see in these photos.  But what you actually see here is the end result.  What you don't see is the 96 bags of manure and  peat moss that I spent 2 days lugging into my flowerbeds.  Not to mention I ended up getting about 25-30 bags of mulch from Lowes a few months later.  Then there were the 7 new roses that I planted.  OMGosh it was so much work and I had no help either.  But I did get a workout.  Yes I got a very intense workout.  Can you imagine how intense of a workout this was?  Actually I got quite a workout and was so sore that I had to take a few days off from the gym.  I spent a few extra days lounging in my hot tub and doing yoga stretches.  

It was so much work that I began to chant "96 bags of manure on the skid.  96 bags of manure... Take one down, throw it around... 95 bags of manure on the skid and so on to 95 bags... then 94 bags... and so on and so on lol.  Now that didn't make time go by any faster but it made me laugh at times and get through the literally back breaking hard work I was putting myself through.  Yes I got quite a workout and burned LOTS of calories!  (Actually I burned a little more calories than I wanted to.)

It was so much hard work getting my flowerbed looking good.  For all of you all who have flowerbeds or vegetable gardens, you know how much intense tiring work it really is.

I hadn't planted any roses or put in any new manure or peat moss in probably 6 or 7 years so I had really forgot how much work it is.  (And I would still like to forget it.  Trust me! lol)  But come next year, I will have done pretty much all the work and will only have to plant new roses.  The roses you see at in the top two photos are from 7 or 8 years ago actually.  My new ladies do look awesome however and they smell so good!!! (See the bottom two photos)

When it comes to finding ways to exercise and burn calories, you have to really begin to think outside the box.   Many Americans end up stuck in a rut of burnout and they just don't think outside the box on new ways to exercise, burn calories, burn fat, get healthy, and stay fit.  They end up bored and thus falling off the wagon and doing absolutely nothing.  Well I will tell you, exercise is work.  It is work and it isn't always fun.  It is not supposed to always be fun.  Think about "why" you are doing the exercise in the first place or "why" you are trying to lose weight.  The "why" can serve as a strong motivator.

In my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss" I discuss 138 ways to lose weight and burn fat.  I also discuss more in depth about the "why".  I went for a short nature walk today to clear my mind from classes at school and to begin to think about some new business ideas.  I actually went to the park to the same place I go bullfrog hunting. (Which is one of my favorite fun hobbies and no I do not eat the little rascals either!)  But it felt good to just walk around in nature and clear my mind.  It was very peaceful there and I just soaked up the nice cool breeze and the sunshine.

Thinking outside the box and finding new ways to exercise or to change up your exercise can really give you a mental and emotional lift for your workout program.  It can make you feel good and really energize you.  Doing this can also kick in a sluggish metabolism that has gotten used to what you have been doing in your program.   You may be able to do what you have been doing with exercise or fitness and just do it differently, perhaps longer (longer cardio sessions or just in a different place (new scenery)   Even doing an extra 5 or 10 minutes on the elliptical can go a long ways.  I never jog in the same exact area in my neighborhood.  Last summer I did what I call Football Conditioning.  I played high school football at a premier high school in Huber Heights, Ohio.  For all of you football fans, I went to the same high school that Pittsburgh Steelers saftey, Will Allen and Ohio State University quarterback Braxton Miller went to high school (Wayne High School.  GO WARRIORS!!!)  

Sometimes you just need a fresh start and to begin a new program.  This is why in my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss"  I discussed things like motivation, starting a new exercise program, 138 ways to lose weight and burn fat, grocery shopping tips and lots more.  Check out the FREE Fat Loss Report for yourself!  Please CLICK HERE Now!

So the next time you see a beautiful flowerbed or garden and lots of amazingly beautiful roses or flowers, really stop and consider just how much hard work it is and you can do something like that for yourself.  You can help someone else in their flowerbed or garden or just go find some fun enjoyable new ways to exercise, workout, and feel great!  Start today!

May God Bless You!  Sincerely, Kel Silas

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Kel Love

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