How Much Should I be Eating?

                How Much Should I be Eating?
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                              Are you eating and consuming enough calories daily 
                                       to kick in your body's natural metabolism?

So how much should I be eating daily?  For the many who understand that they really are not eating/consuming enough calories this is the BIG MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!!!  To learn more I suggest you click here.

Do remember that I am not technically a licensed dietician, however dieticians have sent me clients several times because they couldn't get people to lose weight.  I wonder why. (But isn't this what they went to school for LOL?   Very sad but very true, many dieticians are clueless, but many personal trainers are just as clueless.  Believe that.)  Watch the video on the dietician link above.  Here it is again click right here.

I have heard that some dieticians honestly give the exact same diet with the exact same amount of calories to people of different body weights lol!!!  (Which should not be done period because each and every person's body is completely and uniquely different.)   But keep this in mind and I am going to be very basic and simple here.  There is something called the BMR (basis metabolic rate) which is how much calories your body burns at rest (or how much it requires on a daily basis)  Let's just say that most people do not even get in their BMR daily.  Which one way to figure it up is to take your body weight and multiply it times 24 and then divide it by 2.2

                              BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate)

                               For example for a 200 pound person
                                          200 x 24 = 4800
                               4800 ÷ 2.2 = 2181.18 (or 2182)

How many calories should you eat when trying to lose weight?

(This is a good perspective but again it just depends.  I love her passion and her energy!  And she looks amazing!)

So should you start there?   Should a 200 pound person actually start there?  It might be and here I say "might be" a good idea.  But there are sooooooooooo many co factors.  Possibly more calories than that, and quite possibly less.  Yea I know, I do understand, but seriously it really just depends on how active they are, how much in calories they were consuming prior to making these new changes, and how tall they are, what is their current body weight?  All of these things make a HUGE difference.  But for the most part, this formula is a good basis and it is honestly where I always start.

Usually I come down lower in calories from whatever the total is for that person's weight but I am not going to tell someone to start consuming now 2200 calories when they have only been eating normally 1100 calories.  (but I might depending on the circumstances) Also keep in mind, I cannot and do not tell my clients they have to consume a certain amount of calories, but I only tell them what I might would do.  Nor am I going to say "how much" I come down (when I do).

For example, my mailman Rich lost about 30 pounds a couple years ago consuming over 3000 calories a day!  WOW!  He walks a lot (over 7 miles a day) so for him, he was just burning the calories.  In his case, his BMR would have been around 2500 calories if I remember right, but he increased his calories instead of reducing them (over his BMR) and still lost weight.

       Well that's enough for now!  Read more and enjoy!  

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