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  Start the Day off Right! 

               Yes you absolutely must eat breakfast to lose weight!

By LeMoyne Kelvin Love Silas PFT MHP

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Has this ever happened to you?  You get up in the morning in a hurry and running like a maniac.  You have to get your kids dropped off at school plus still get ready and head into work.  You are already running late because you hit the snooze button a few times.  You look up and its lunch time and wait a minute… hold up. You didn’t remember to eat breakfast.  

 This type of thing unfortunately happens to millions of hard working moms every single day.  You know you should eat breakfast every day and that it will help to jump start your metabolism but needless to say, it still doesn’t get done.   Many moms claim they don’t know what to eat.  Or if you do eat breakfast you wonder if you are eating the right thing.  Many moms claim they are really not hungry and barely even think about eating. 

Remember that starting the day off with eating something, is usually better than eating nothing at all.  More good info in my book “28 Daysto Extreme Fat Loss”.

Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism every day.  I talk to new clients all the time who don't eat breakfast.  They usually don't eat until lunchtime or about 2 pm.  This really isn't good for weight loss.  Your body needs fuel for energy just like a car needs gas and oil to run. Without having enough calories, your body's metabolism simply won't run efficiently and optimally. To learn more about "how many calories" please see my blog post "How Much Should I be Eating?" and also see 

Eating breakfast starts the metabolic process early in the morning (or as soon as you eat it)  Waiting and not eating til late morning or lunchtime is truly not good because it deprives your body of a metabolic spark (fat burning potential) and precious important calories it needs to have your body's natural metabolism running efficiently and optimally.  

So many people are not eating breakfast (or not eating a good quality breakfast) because they wake up in a hurry and they don't even have what foods or resources (protein/nutrition shakes and protein/nutrition bars) they need to eat a good breakfast. (Not just a healthy breakfast but a breakfast that will promote weight loss and support your body's natural metabolism)  This is NOT about you being healthy!  This is about you losing weight, burning fat, losing inches and pounds of body fat, looking good and feeling great!

A good quality breakfast is not pop tarts, Fruit Loops, donuts, or some light snack that is fit for only a kindergartner (but something light and healthy is better than nothing at all)  But do keep in mind that your body MUST have calories to burn fat.

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Sincerely Yours in Health, May God Bless You!

Kel Silas CFT MHT

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