Is it time for a colon cleanse?

               Is it time for a colon cleanse?

Yes it's time for a colon cleanse!!!

Chances are for most of you IT IS TIME!   Most people I find will either end up waiting until they are constipated, have some health problems, are trying to lose weight, or it's been 3 or 4 years since they have done their last colon cleanse.  Many people sadly have never done a colon cleans.  Most of my research says to do a colon cleans every 6 months.  However the way most Americans eat, I might would bump that up to ever 4 months.  It all depends on your system and depending on your digestive system and what kind of foods you normally eat including beverages you drink, then you may need to do a cleanse even every 3 months according to my research.  Yes I believe it!

Our digestive systems are not made of steel pipes although for some people it may seem that way.  When you also consider the way most Americans eat (junk food) and not enough vegetables and fiber (the average intake amount  (AIA) of fiber daily is suggested 20-30 grams)  and most Americans struggling are usually getting in 10-15 grams of fiber daily.  I have spoken to many women over the years who were constipated and/or told me that they did not have bowel movements daily (not good)  When you consider the fact that lots of women barely consume enough calories on a daily basis I do understand why the body isn't getting rid of the waste.

Let's also get one thing clear about of bowel movement.
Let's also get one thing clear about of bowel movement.  It is waste!  They may be fowl smelling and unpleasant but it is waste!  And waste is something that should NOT be in the body and needs to get rid of.  Waste needs to come out of the body!  When I have done my colonics, the lady Bette my colonic hydrotherapist, she actually roots me on and encourages me and is happy to see all the waste coming out (lol)  Yea I know TMI (too much info)  but again when you consider that the waste could be still stuck up inside you and needing to come out so that it doesn't 
cause any health problems or digestional issues, then the waste coming out is a really good thing you see!

Do remember to drink PLENTY of water!!!

You don't want to become dehydrated. (Yes it's happened to me before)  During a colon cleanse your body is cleaning out LOTS of unwanted waste from its internal sewer system and it's easy for people to become dehydrated.  You do want to be drinking a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of clean pure water.  You may even want to invest in some purified water, spring water, or Artesian water (yes there are several amazing types of water or filtered water, some filtered through reverse osmosis) but you get the point.

Stay very close to the toilet when doing a colon cleanse!

Let's just say that I warned you!  Again as I mentioned earlier, this is a really REALLY good thing because you are cleaning out toxic and disease causing cancer causing waste out of your colon!  Waste that may kill you if you don't get it out IMMEDIATELY!!!  You get the idea now!!??  Those of you who have done colon cleanses before already know but for all of you rookies, please take close consideration to my warning and do proceed with caution!  I invite you to notice that I said "Do Proceed!"  Do remember this warning!  
If anything, you can start it on the weekend while you are at home to see how your body reacts and responds to all of the supplements before going to work, school all day, etc.  You will be just fine.  I just cannot obviously say how often and frequently you will be on the toilet and what it will be like for you.

See below the BEST supplements for a colon cleanse!

The average person has about two bowel movements a day (men) and I would say most women have generally one a day (if that)   Most doctors will tell you that having at least one bowel movement a day is good.  I would have to agree but I would have to say depending on what you total caloric intake is daily may factor in with that (with those consuming more calories obviously having more waste to remove thus more bowel movements)  Some people with very good digestive systems may have up to three good bowel movements a day.  I have heard it said that we should have a bowel movement after every meal (maybe in a perfect world.)  Those with bowel diseases like Chron's or Ulcerative Colitis may have more bowel movements daily than desired and live in the bathroom.  Again I would say having at least one good bowel movement a day is good.  

How long should I do a colon cleanse?? 

How long should you do a colon cleanse??  Really truthfully it depends on each person and what the condition of their health is like, how poorly their diet was, and when was the last time they did a colon cleanse?  Or have they ever done one before?  You could do one for as little as 2 weeks or up to 1 to 2 months.  Continue to eat a good healthy diet because while doing a colon cleanse a person can begin to lose several pounds of waste within a few days.

How long does a colon cleanse take?   According to
"You’ll usually see an increase in bowel movements within hours of doing a colon cleanse, but to really to get the years of waste and hardened fecal material out of your colon and maze of intestines will take time. Remember you have 22 feet of large intestine, so it’s usually recommended you spend 1-2 months on your colon cleansing routine.  The Master Cleanse

What should I expect from doing a colon cleanse?

What a person can will differ from person to person depending on the condition of your health and how long it's been since you have done a colon cleanse.  Your body may be removing several years of food and waste that has built up in your body and has been just sitting there inside you. (Yes really.  That's the way it honestly is.)  Your body will remove what it wants when it wants and this process can take a few weeks. Don't be surprised if an 3 foot green monster comes out of you when doing a cleanse LOL!!!   You might be in total awe or shock at what comes out of you during a colon cleanse.

Sinkers or floaters?  Which is better?  Floaters (a bowel movement that floats) means that a person has adequate fiber is in the diet.  Sinkers means that you need more fiber in your diet.

Having good fiber intake promoting regularity is a good idea.  The Adequate Intake Amount (AIA) is 20-25 grams a fiber a day.  A person can choose from fiber sources such as oatmeal, bran, whole grains, beans and legumes, vegetables, and fruits just to name a few.

There are several good cleansing or detox products out there.  You can buy them in the store or you can always buy many of the herbs separately yourself.   You can buy 7, 14, or 21 day cleansing kits or as I have suggested, you can buy different ingredients separately and do it all yourself for as long as you choose as often as you like.  I am not suggesting to do a cleanse every week either, but you get the idea.

The BEST supplements for a colon cleanse!

Fiber Powder from Psyllium Seed Husks or Metamucil

You need fiber to assist in moving waste through the body.  Most people do not get in an adequate amount of fiber daily.  Adding in a serving or two of psyllium seed husks is a great way to add some extra fiber in your diet especially when doing a colon cleanse.  You can easily find a fiber powder (or capsules) in your local department store or health food store (or nutrition store).  Metamucil is a good option for psyllium seed husks.  The powder is much more economical than the capsules.  Super Colon Cleanse is available in
powder and capsules and also a product called Perfect 7 which has a mixture of many of the herbs I am mentioning now however it appears that it is only available in capsules.  They do have a few different versions of this product and I do not know the differences.  My bottle says Psyllium herbal supplement and another one says intestinal cleanser.


Ground flax seed

I still cannot believe that something like ground flaxseed is found actually in the cake batter aisle in Walmart, Krogers, and Meijers (Yes really!!!)  But oh's well I guess.  I am not the one doing their plan o grams.  
Yes although many people use ground flaxseed in baking, the other 95% of people use ground flaxseed as a supplement that is a GREAT source of fiber, helps to promote lowering cholesterol levels and is also great for a healthy heart.  Flaxseed also works great for many digestional and intestinal disorder.  You can also find it in health food and nutrition stores although it may be a little more expensive.  You can also find organic flaxseed which is also good too.  There are several kinds on the shelf including ground flax seeds, those that you have to grind up yourself, or the liquid (major gross but worth it for your health) and even some that have antioxidant fruits mixed in with them. (Spectrum brand Flax Seeds)  The liquid does not have fiber in it.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice is one of the BEST herbal supplements on the market for promoting healing, cleansing the body, it acts as an anti inflammatory and is used for this for several bowel diseases and helps to move waste through the intestines quickly and more freely.  I prefer the liquid (and I drink it strait) or you can mix it in a fruit and vegetable smoothie.  I used to get big one gallon jugs at Walmart (in the pharmacy section) for $6.44. Walmart has the cheapest price of aloe vera juice in town!  Cheapest as you may know is definitely not best.  Getting a better quality aloe vera juice may improve your health, your immune system, and to increase and speed up healing in the body.  
The Pharm Aloe gallon jugs are not so easy to find.  I found them at one place online plus shipping. 
I have just been getting it at a local health food store.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice - Saturday Strategy

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice by Andrea Cox 
Andrea is a really pleasant person.  She came to a hypnosis seminar I did back in 2009.

Golden Seal Root

Golden Seal Root is used quite often for cleansing the body, colds and flu, boosting the immune system, bowel and digestive disorders.  Many people use golden seal root to cleanse their body.  You will most likely find yourself urinating much more frequently.  You should not use this herb longer than a week at a time.  I would get the extract although some people drink it as a tea.

Cascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada has a very long history of it's healing properties and is commonly used as a laxative.  Cascara sagrada naturally contains compounds called anthroquinones which are primarily responsible for its powerful laxative affects.  This herb has been used by Native American tribes and Spanish and Mexican priests since the early 1800's.

Senna uses its stimulation capabilities and helps promote the evacuation of stool by muscle contraction.  According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, this herb should not be used for a very long time because it can cause a person to become dehydrated and interfere with the balancing of electrolytes.  

Activated Charcoal

Considering that I just had to plunger my toilet this morning because I took some last night, I'd say this is some really good stuff hee hee hee!!!   This stuff REALLY cleans you out!  Activated charcoal is an INCREDIBLE intestinal cleanser!  Do not take this with vitamins or prescription medicine.  Commonly used for intestinal gas and bloating.  The cleansing effects are just a bonus. 
Believe it or not, many even use this for stomach bug or stomach flu. It apparently works really well.
Did you know??  Activated charcoal is even used in hospitals for food poisoning.

Slippery Elm Bark  and Marshmallow Root

For your colon to begin to naturally remove all of the accumulated waste, it needs be be stimulated.  What better herbs than Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root.  These herbs are AMAZING!!!  Both herbs are well known for their mucilage and proven to be soothing to the digestional system, slippery elm provides a coating to the stomach stimulating nerve endings to mucous production in the digestional track and also helping to stimulate the release of waste and bowel movements.  Marshmallow Root root pretty much works the same way by coating the stomach and intestines and promoting the release of excess waste.

Enteric Coated Peppermint Oil Capsules

Most likely the BEST antispasmodic herb in the world today!  Helps to calm the stomach (similar to ginger) When the stomach is calm and more relaxed, it can begin to release more waste and function better.  Peppermint also aids in digestion.

Digestive Enzymes

Did you know?  Digestive enzymes help to break down food that our bodies don't digest.  Digestive enzymes help to break down proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, sugar, milk sugars.  They aid in the body's natural digestive process and can help rid excess waste that is located in the bowels and intestines.  This is food that has been sitting up inside a person rotting (I hated to say that) for years.  During a cleanse, using digestive enzymes is a great idea!  Even when a person isn't doing a cleanse, they can be very very beneficial.

  Did you know?  Your colon can store 8 to 10 lbs of waste for every foot. 
The average man's small intestine is about 22.5 inches and women's is about 23.5 inches. 
The average person has most likely at least 5 to 25 lbs of hardened waste, mucus plaque, 
and disgusting fecal matter built up in their colon if not more.
And it needs to come out now!!!

Acidophilus and Probiotics

Acidophilus or medically known as lactobacillus is soon to be one of your best friends.  Many acidophilus supplements are probiotics and this one also contains prebiotics with 14 Billion good friendly helpful bacteria.  Okay Kel so why do I need this?  When doing all of this cleansing, you are not only cleaning out all of the bad bacteria, but a lot of the good friendly bacteria too that helps aid in digestion, boosts your immune system, good for brain function, clean the intestinal tract, purify the colon, and promote regular bowel movements, and a host of other things.  Here is a good article on acidophilus research on common diseases.
You can get some acidophilus in yogurt and kefir.  Acidophilus is an absolute MUST when doing a colon cleanse due to how much waste removed.  Without it a person can end up having gas, bloating, or other digestion problems.  


Magnesium Citrate

Remember the WARNING that I so ever kindly gave you above lol?  Well I am telling you that if you drink a bottle of this stuff, just get ready!!!  It could hit you in an hour or it could be 5 or 6 hours later.  Hospitals have their patients drink magnesium citrate the day or night before a colonoscopy.  I remember the first time I drank it.  Within 2 hours on a Sunday night at church, I had to leave early lol.  I was racing home that day and fortunately I lived close to the church at the time.  I use this so routinely that I just drink it at night before I go to bed and the next morning and pretty much the next day I am on the toilet with my body cleaning itself out.  How your body responds to this or any supplement will vary.
But as I said previously, when you drink this stuff, just be ready ha ha!  It's very inexpensive and only about $1 or so usually.  You can find it in the pharmacy section.  The next day or so after using this, load up on acidophilus (see above)  You may need more acidophilus than normal for a few days depending on how well/much the magnesium citrate cleans you out.  You may need to bleach your toilet out afterwards!

Drink Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies!

The reason why I said drink fruit and vegetable smoothies is because they contain lots of fiber!  You can add in some fiber powder to your smoothie if you like.  You can also drink green tea or other herbal teas.   Many of the fruits and vegetables you use will load you up with lots of good disease fighting antioxidants!  You can also add in your favorite protein powder too to give you an extra boost of energy , for overall good health, for your fitness or weight loss program.

Yes you can easily become much more healthy from doing a colon cleanse, increase your energy and mental alertness, boost your immune system and so much more.  Plus you can LOSE LOTS OF WEIGHT!!!  People I talk to just love knowing they can lose weight from doing a colon cleanse!!!
You can begin to promote better health and live years longer!!!

Kristy Howar lost 42 pounds and you can too!!

She lost over 19 inches!
She lost 4.5% body fat!
She is down 8 dress sizes!

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