What is Beauty?

What is Beauty?

Discover how to have a Naturally Beauty-full face

and a Clear Radiant Complexion.

Plus look and feel 10 years younger!

Naturally beautiful skin.  I am such a sucker for it.  I have a deep admiration for a woman who has natural beauty. You heard it first from me.  I am truly NOT a fan of make up and all of the make up I see many women of today wearing.  My best friend Ira and I have always preferred women with a more "natural look".  And who doesn't want to or prefer to be naturally beautiful over spending extra money and time on makeup?  A little bit of make up isn't the problem.  The real problem is when make up changes who a woman really is and what she really truly looks like.  I was blown away to see pictures of a very popular star (I won't mention her name) with and without make up.  She has a body most women would die for but all the make she wears omgosh wow!!!  I saw a picture a woman posted of herself on a website with before/after photos of herself wearing make up.  There was a HUGE difference.  I actually preferred the simple plain girl next door that she looked like compared to the glamorous beautiful woman with all of the fake up.  
Oops I meant make up lol ha ha ha!

I should have titled this article 
"Discover how to have a beautiful face without makeup!"

Do most men like makeup?  Many will tell you a NO WAY!  But according to this article, women who wear makeup get more messages on dating sites. Do man actually prefer makeup?  
I would be willing to bet that the women who went without makeup on these dating sites didn't have glowing naturally beautiful skin either.  I saw a woman's profile pic today and thought she was bomb gorgeous until I began to look closer and could see she just had makeup on.  It was a great makeup job.  I just prefer the natural look and many women just don't need the makeup.  In some cases putting on makeup became a habit that they are now used to and they never addressed their skin or hormone problems (emotions and stress usually)  
I've seen some women without makeup who just looked like the girl next door 
(see picture below of the girl on the left)  And then again I have seen some women without makeup and omgosh I would love to wake up to her every morning and come home to her every night she is so beautiful and no makeup.

The wearing of make up has became increasingly popular because it is trendy, many stars wear it, and it hides acne, skin blotches and skin blemishes.  I have seen some women without make up and with it and omgosh it is like she is a whole new person and looks entirely differently.  
But at what cost??  An hour in front of the mirror every day and spending an extra $50 or more a month or whatever makeup costs.  On an average it can take a woman 15-30 minutes to put on make up. I've read as little as 5-10 minutes and know a woman who loves makeup and say she spends 45-60 minutes a day to put on her daily mask.  And people are only attracted to the woman they see who has all the makeup on because they think she looks lovely.  But then they see the same woman with her makeup off and........ uh oh!!!  Do you remember the episode on the Flintstones when Dino saw the other dinosaur without makeup??  He was running for the hills!  LMBO!!! 

Click on picture to see it closer

Makeup Before/After Unbelievable Results! (Shaking my head!)   It's very very sad that you almost can't even believe that this is really the same person.  Let's be honest, most guys would kill for a woman who looks like the one on the right.  She is the type who got all the messages on the dating site instead of the girl on the left (it's same person she just doesn't have on makeup)  My best friend Ira and I both prefer and appreciate the natural look .  Sorry but if it's for a keeper then I have to take the one on the left without her makeup.  For me it's when makeup drastically changes a woman's appearance that I find it very unattractive.  But I'm sure most men will agree that they would much rather have a woman who naturally looks like the one on the right instead of her putting on her clown makeup to portray herself as beautiful.  Sorry if it sounds like I'm being harsh about the makeup.  I've seen some makeup jobs and omgosh some women put on WAY TOO MUCH MAKEUP!!!

I would much rather keep the girl on the left without makeup.

The girl on the left (yes they are both the SAME person)  actually looks pleasant and has a very cute and sweet appearance.  She just looks a very plain and pale.  She honestly reminds me of someone I used to see when I was much younger who wore very little if any makeup at all.  She has the girl next door look or the sweet ole innocent girl look.  If she can work with her skin complexion just a bit (really she just needs to lay out in the sun and catch some rays :)  And many women will agree about some pale women.  Now of course there are some women who have white skin and consider themselves pale and really they have very clear beautiful skin. 

The girl on the right (yes the are both the SAME person believe it or not) 
has a very stunning beautiful look... Many men would love to be hanging out with a woman who looks like her.  Is she really that beautiful?  No not really.  It is ALL A MASK!  
She really isn't beautiful.  It is just the makeup.  When she takes it off you better run boys!!!
The solution is "Natural Beauty". 
Learn how to obtain more natural beauty today!  Keep reading!


Dino Goes Hollyrock

Do you remember the episode on the Flintstones when Dino saw the female dinosaur his true love "Sassy" without makeup??  He was running for the hills!  LMBO!!!  ROTF!!!

Dino with goo goo eyes over his favorite love Sassy.

Is this the really Sassy??  Omgosh poor Dino!!!

Dino can't believe what Sassy really looks like YIKES!!!

Sassy afterwards with no wig of fake eyelashes!  

This is the full episode but you can go to 21 min and 10 sec and you will see how horrified Dino is when he sees his true love "Sassy" without makeup!  ROTF

Google results of make up before after

Your are Beautiful Now! 

Just because many movie stars and singing stars are using lots of makeup doesn't mean that anyone else has to also.  Kim Kardashian's before/after makeup pics are on the internet and it is astounding.  I just shook my head.  See Celebrities without Makeup   These stars have all of this money and would be much better off if they worked harder on natural beauty (which isn't an overnight quick fast easy solution).  If you really truly desire to LOOK like a real fabulous star then
let's begin to focus on... natural beauty made easy.

Covering up the face with make up doesn't permanently fix your skin condition and skin problems and actually using make up can make  and has been known to make your skin problems and skin condition actually WORSE.  
The more make up a woman uses the worse her skin problems and skin condition can be.

"Discovery Health reports that makeup can clog pores and prevent sebum, a waxy lubricant that moisturizes the skin, to do its job – this how pimples can form and premature aging can occur."

This all lead to research helpful tips on how to have radiant skin complexion.  Many women and even men suffer from unattractive skin.  
I had this problem as a teenager and young adult but fortunately I grew out of it.

♥ Natural Beauty Made Easy 

Imagine having better and more radiant skin

Imagine having better and more radiant skin.  Imagine having the type of clear complexion that many women desire to have.  Wouldn't it feel great to just wake up in the morning and to just be able to put on some lip gloss and that's it?  Imagine all the money a woman would save on buying makeup.  Women can and deserve to have a more pleasant appearance or a lovely beauty-full appearance without the financial expense and health expense of wearing make up.
Soft smooth skin!  Discover how to look and feel 10 years younger!

Quit hiding behind all the make up and let me make you naturally beautiful!!!  

Allow your skin to b r e a t h e!!!


♥ You are Beautiful Now 

Vitamin A is good for wrinkles and smoother skin.  Vitamin A can help your skin look younger.
Vitamin C is helps to get rid of free radicals that can trigger wrinkles and premature aging.  Helps to firm and smooth skin.

Water (tell why)  Water is a detoxifier and cleanser and can make your skin look and feel younger.  According to the New York Times (see Water Article 3 below)  Water is essential for life. (Popkin, D'Anci, Rosenberg) A 2007  study on the effects of water consumption A show that drinking 500 milliliters of water, about two cups, increased blood flow to the skin. 

Water Article 1
Water Article 2 
Water Article 3
Water Article 4

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day!

A glass is a cup and a cup is 8 ounces.  
Realistically a person needs to drink 64 to 80 ounces of water a day.
I have heard to drink as much as 12 glasses or 96 ounces.  The Mayo Clinic recommends 9 cups a day for women and 13 cups a day for men.  Seems like how much water one would need would depend on body weight and activity level.  Doesn't it?  I would think for the average person that 8 cups is a bare minimum.  However if you have a woman who only weights 115 lbs she might would need to drink less water (according to my theory but I am not a certified nutritionist despite my nutritional background.  Here is the link to the Mayo Clinic's article.

Just ask Sarah Smith a British woman who drank six bottles of water a day and her complexion and appearance is AMAZING!!!  See her before/after pictures in her water challenge.  She did this to help with her migraines and she discovered that it helped with so much more.  Good for her!
"I look like a different woman!"  "My husband and friends tell me I look 10 years younger!  
"Who wouldn't want to try something that gets such incredible results?"


Woman Finds Fountain of Youth by Drinking 6 Bottles of Water a Day

I use Vitamin E oil on my face (depending on skin type this may or may not be a good idea) or can be taken internally with soft gel capsules.  I also use baby oil at times but usually it is Vitamin E oil.  Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.  What better to put on your face?  I've been doing this for about 10 years.  I use just enough to keep my skin from being dry and to allow the antioxidants to soak in.  The vitamin E must be working very well because people always say I look so young and that 
I haven't aged since high school.  It's truly a blessing.  I do take care of my skin.

You will find biotin and silica in pretty much almost every hair, skin, and nails formula.  Biotin can help to regulate fat metabolism and with dry skin.  Omega-3 Fatty Acids assist in healing the skin and with inflammation (and with skin inflammation).  According to this article, most people are not biotin deficient.  One could eat more biotin rich foods to obtain an adequate amount.  
Learning to eat a healthy balanced diet is important to contain necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber that your body needs.  It is also necessary to give you an adequate amount of 
healthy protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Silica is assists in collagen function.  Vitamin K assists in giving elasticity to the skin.

Vitamin B Complex (with Vitamin B3 & B7)
Vitamin B Complex and even specific B vitamins help to promote healthy skin.
As I have learned over the years, the B vitamins are like a team and work better together.
In other words, a person may better benefit by taking a B complex 
versus taking the B vitamins separately or individually.
B Complex is also very necessary and helpful for stress.

♥ You are Beautiful Now 

A good multivitamin (nothing cheap)  Yes I shop at Wally World (Walmart) all the time but you need something better as far as a multivitamin than the Walmart, Sam's Club, Walgreens, One a Day, Centrum, Theragram, or anything similar.  All of these synthetic multivitamins are JUNK!  
A good multivitamin offers many health benefits and yes can help and promote better looking skin.
Eating more healthy fruits and vegetables (preferably organic and yes I know eating organic can be expensive) is a great way to achieve vitamins and minerals necessary to promote good health.
To get a real good multivitamin and one from natural sources
you are going to have to spend a little more money!

Why is it important to eat fruit? (by USDA)  You can on this link learn more about the USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) and benefits of fruits and vegetable.

Remember to eat plenty of helpings of fruits and vegetables daily!

Wash your face 2 or 3 times a day.  Flushes out toxins and
Sure you may wash your face at night and wash up the make up before you go to bed but make up in general still clogs up the pores with ingredients that are not beneficial to your skin.  Make up doesn't allow your skin to b r e a t h e.  
Get to know your skin.  I simply can't stress this enough.  
Learn what its needs are and what you can and can't do with your skin.

Do consider powerful face cleansers to remove dirt and other unnecessary oils from the skin.  Don't just buy anything off the shelf.  You may want to research what you are using on your skin and the ingredients.  You can always try something and see how it works.  Facial cleansers whether you use it before you wash your face or if it is a facial wash or some kind of a natural soap can be a good idea.  Take a good look and see what you can find.  Again I say research research research the ingredients.  Just because your family member or one of your girlfriends uses it on her face or his face, doesn't mean that its suitable for your skin type either.  

There are several awesome companies that make good skin care products.  MANY OF THEM we all have heard of and are very popular but secretly might not have the best skin product.  So again I say research research and research some more.  I personally use a facial scrub two or three times a week, another an anti aging facial wash to promote youthful skin, and a mud mask maybe once a month.  Whatever I am doing is really working considering how many people swear I look in my thirties.
Exfoliates are great to remove dead skin.  I also use baby oil  and vitamin E oil (for some this may be too oily for their skin)

Reasons to use Shea Butter on your skin

Great for wrinkles, fine lines, skin repair
Deeply moisturizing
Skin strengthening
Skin protecting
UV protecting
Skin regenerating
Collagen production stimulating
Overall Beautifying
(From Naturepurity.com see link above)

What is cocoa butter?  Cocoa butter comes from the cacoa bean which is found inside the cocoa pod the grows on the cacao tree.

Cocoa butter is an antioxidant, skin healer, and great for deep hydration of the skin.

Many people drink aloe vera juice for it's internal properties but using aloe vera gel topically moisturizes the skin without giving it that greasy feel.  It is great for sunburns, stretch marks, and helps to fight anti aging. The Benefits of Using Aloe Vera for Your Skin Care and More

Make up has been known to make skin worse and it never really corrects the problem that most women seem to have that lead to a not so attractive looking face:  Acne caused usually by stress or hormonal imbalance which is usually caused by emotions or stress. Horrible eating habits don't help either nor does drinking soda pop with all of the excess sugar.  The goal is to have you skin looking and feeling lots better.  

Now isn't it??

Exercise has been proven to help nourish the skin and helps with stress reduction. 

Start a new exercise program!  Start a new weight loss program!

Contact EXtreme Personal Fitness Today!


♥ You are Beautiful Now 


Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets with Olive Oil


SKINSATIONAL 5 Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

Limit or reduce fast food and junk food, processed food, smoking, excess alcohol, soda pop, and things that destroy free radicals.  Smoking increases free radicals and destroy the cells and your pretty skin.

Mud masks have some very rewarding benefits of moisturizing the skin and exfoliation. I also read where the minerals in Dead Sea Mud penetrate the skin and help it to radiate and rejuvenate.

Read more on Dead Sea Mud by clicking this link here Dead Sea Mud

Cucumber is amazing for anti aging effects on the skin.  They say a cucumber mask is good for wrinkles and could help cleanse the skin of toxins.  More on Cucumbers here.

Learn to control stress!

Yoga is amazing for stress.  As I heard Dr Alan Finger of Yoga Zone say "Stress locks itself in your muscles and yoga helps to release it."  Doing a good amount of stretching will also help and do wonders too.  By doing yoga and listening to soft, relaxing, peaceful music it helps to quiet the mind.  I listen to lots of nature cds, piano, ambient, strings and jazz, flute is nice too, concentration videos on You Tube, and there are lots of other unique pleasurable sounds to calm and relax the body and the mind.  I personally prefer and enjoy Hatha Yoga with lots of deep breathing and visualization exercises with yoga nidra


Beginners Yoga for Deep Relaxation and Sleep, Insomnia, Anxiety, & Stress Relief


Hatha Yoga: 12 Minute Asana Session

Watch this guy.  He doesn't speak at all to give instruction but this video is so relaxing.


How to Relieve Stress in 60 seconds:  Deep Breathing Exercises


Breathing Relaxation Exercises

I do a lot of deep breathing for help with anxiety, stress, and the feeling of being overwhelmed.  
It also helps with power and confidence.
Below is an excellent A+ article on the power of deep diaphragmatic breathing.  
I highly suggest that you take an actual yoga class(s) and one which will help you and teach you how to breathe deeply from your diaphragm.  I did a lot of yoga at home but I took a college class a few years ago and learned some additional very helpful techniques.  
The deep breathing can also speed up your metabolism.

Causes of skin blotches... See "Why Does My Skin Get Blotchy?"  This is an awesome article.  
All I have to say is hormones hormones hormones!
Skin can be delicate and you really have to take care of it.  Everyone's skin is different.  Some people have beautiful skin or facial complexions already and might not have to work so hard.  
Some women have more challenges during their menstrual cycle.  Other women have more challenges when they are stressed out.  Some foods can trigger more acne especially sugar and quite possibly coffee. Coffee and Acne Does Coffee Trigger Acne?

Read one woman's testimony saying she had to give up drinking coffee.

♥ Anyone Can Have Natural Beauty 

According to the MayClinic.com the causes of acne are:


Sound familiar???  I keep saying these things.  See Causes of Acne.
Learning hormone control can be very important especially for women.  Learning how to manage your stress, emotional eating, depression, and sleep patterns are critically important.  
See my previous blog post Solutions for Stress.
Plan your healthy meals, exercise and workout time, and learn how to take some time out for
Because you deserve happiness!
If you are constantly on the go and not taking time for yourself then it's no wonder you end up stressed, unhappy, depressed, emotional, not sexually supercharged for your husband, 
not hungry or so busy you didn't think about eating, therefor not eating all the healthy foods 
your body needs to feel energized.

My best friend Ira and I do agree on this one... MEDITATE!  He does it morning and night.  I usually do it at least once a day.  Meditation helps the mind to calm down and relax.  It also reduces anxiety and can give you satisfaction and bring you into a state of peace.  Meditating even as little as 10 minutes can be very beneficial.  I like to meditate for at least 30 minutes but whatever time allows.

Meditate  Relax  Peace  Harmony 

Meditate  Relax  Peace  Harmony 

Smile Often. According to sunwarrior.com "Smiles naturally lift the face and in studies have shown to make people look younger, around 3 years younger on average."  The Health Benefits of Smiling.

Drink MORE WATER and less soda pop!

Read here my previous blog post titled "Diet Soda Pop Exposed!"

Sweat more (steam rooms and saunas are excellent because they flush toxins from the body and cleanse the skin and pores, cleanses all of the body and all of your cells)  Here is the Sauna vs Steam Room Review


The Benefits of a Sauna


The Steamist Steam Bath Review

Please quit smoking immediately.  Yes YOU!  I am talking to YOU!
Smoking cigarettes destroys antioxidants and contains too many skin damaging free radicals.  Not only does smoking cigarettes affect your skin but also your heart, lungs, and the rest of your health too.  It's so not worth the potential cancer and health risks.  
When's YOUR quit day??

And the MOST important thing that will help you out is...


because as good as all of these things are and as amazing as they can be, none of them are overnight magic.  This all takes time, dedication, and patience.  Do drink PLENTY of water and water the video of the woman who drank 6 bottles of water again and again.  Do remember to wash your face. Dermatologists recommend not over washing your face (not washing it too much) so it does depend on what kind of skin you have.  If you have beautiful skin already then you obviously don't need to wash it too often.  But if you are blessed with clear skin then you may choose to more often.  It also can depend on exactly what you wash your face with.  See Dermatologists Advice.

♥ You are Beautiful Now 

♥ Natural Beauty Made Easy 

Something very important that the Mayo Clinic also mentioned in their article is the importance of a good healthy balanced diet.

Your Diet and Eating Plan!

Have you been eating way too much junk food, sweets, or processed foods?  A lot of these food choices can be stress related.  It's important for all people to be on a good healthy balanced diet.  
It is even more important for that person who desires to improve their physical appearance and even their face/skin complexion.  Certain foods just don't help the skin complexion or encourage beautiful healthy skin.  For example, sugar. 

Consult a Dermatologist if necessary!

Some skin problems need to be observed and resolved by a medical or qualified professional.  If you have major skin problems or feel that it is beyond your control, then you may want to consult a Dermatologist first and then depending on what they say proceed with trying natural solutions.
Acne generally starts with hormones, stress, and keeping the face clean.  

Is your face too dry or too oily?  Get to know your skin?

Take Advantage of Technology!
There is unbelievable technology out there in today's world.  Look to see what is out there that can help you take better care of your skin and promote a clearer more radiant skin complexion.
Here are just a couple of ones that you can get now.  I have personally seen the Galvanic Spa and have considered getting one.  The PMD System looks awesome too!

Galvanic Spa Treatment Demonstration


Nuskin Galvanic Spa II


Personal Microdermabrasion System


Review and Demo: Personal Microderm (PMD) Microdermaabrasion System

♥ You are Beautiful Now 

Try some of these tips and give yourself plenty of time to see results.  
None of these helpful tips and natural solutions are going to work overnight.

Be Patient!  Have Hope!  Fall in Love with Yourself!

Sincerely yours in health,

LeMoyne Kelvin Silas

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