What do I eat or drink after my workout?

             What do I eat or drink after my workout?

    Eating the Right Foods After Workout Should be Your Number One Goal

  You see me pictured above, finishing drinking a post workout protein shake.

People have always asked me the question "When is a good time to drink a protein shake?"  And my answer is A N Y T I M E!!!  It is always a good time to drink a protein shake!  Your body needs protein round the clock because your body breaks down protein into amino acids that help it to build, rebuild, recover, and recuperate.  Your body needs a steady supply of these amino acids from sun up to sun down.  Not only do you need protein at breakfast but at lunch and dinner too and throughout your day.  Your body breaks down protein into these valuable amino acids that we need even in efforts of weight loss and burning body fat.  Not taking in enough protein is a common mistake or myth that happens frequently to those trying to lose weight and burn fat.

However if there is a most important time to consume a protein shake or protein in general, I would surely have to say immediately following a weight training workout or within an hour afterwards.  Even within an hour after a good cardio workout too!  Protein powder can be mixed with water, milk, juice, Crystal Light, sports drinks, or with low fat yogurt in a smoothie as you see in the picture above.  Protein shakes a QUICK, FAST, and EASY and yes they do actually count as calories. (same with protein or nutrition bars)

WHY WHEY PROTEIN?  Whey protein has the highest biological value (BV) of any protein ranging from a biological value of 100 to 140 on the average.  Your body rapidly and quickly absorbs whey protein.  This is good following any workout because your body needs the protein right then and not an hour later.  Whey protein is HIGH in digestibility as compared to other protein foods that must be broken down through the digestive process, when just virtually enters right into your hard working muscles to deliver the protein exactly when you need it.  

SOY PROTEIN is also a great choice but just not as high in biological value as whey.  Soy does have many healthy benefits.  Soy contains isoflavones that can increase estrogen production for women.  Guys not to be worried!  There is most likely not enough in there to lower testosterone production.  Thousands of men drink soy milk daily.  I am not sure "how much" you can drink daily however.  Personally I believe for most fitness purposes, whey may be better however soy has been know to increase metabolic function.  Even drinking SKIM MILK is also a great choice and so are EGG WHITES.

After a hard intense workout, the absolute best thing that I can do is immediately following or within 45 minutes slam me down 25-45 grams of whey protein.  

Even if you desire to just lose weight or build lean muscle (muscle tone) then a person can still do well by giving their body what it needs following a good weight training workout or cardio session.

I give whey protein FIVE STARS and an extremely high rating in post workout consumption.  Even milk, or egg whites would be good at this time.  Soy protein would be okay but whey potentially ranks almost twice as high on the biological value scale.  Other options are egg whites (1 yellow for every 3 or 4 whites) and even low fat or skim milk but do factor in the milk sugar.  All of these protein sources being in a liquid form, get absorbed by the body much quicker.  There is HUGE benefit to this even if your goals are just to lose weight, burn fat, firm, sculpt and develop muscle tone.  

So which carbs are BEST after a workout?  

It really depends on your goals.  Maltodextrin really gets your insulin levels cranked up (Gatorade) and would be ideal for someone looking to gain muscle.  If one is looking to build muscle then complex or simple carbs that are high on the Glycemic Index Scale would be best.  If one is looking to burn fat, the carbs that are considered medium range would be sufficient.  Also factor in "the time of day" especially for burning fat.  If it is later in the day, consuming even medium range carbs for some people might not be a good idea.  Those in question would probably choose to consume lower glycemic carbs in the evening even after a workout.  MOST people will not fall in this category and even medium glycemic carbs should be okay.  It honestly can be a test to see how your body reacts.

Other alternatives to post workout protein choices are meat, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, greek yogurt.  I would rank eggs (egg whites with probably a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of whites to egg yolks after a workout.)  Milk is a great choice but due to high fat content skim milk would be the best choice after a workout.  

Milk, eggs, dairy, and whey protein have a much higher biological value than meats and are much easier for most to digest, mainly because it is more liquefied and makes it a better choice after your workout.  Your body needs protein after a good hard intense workout but truthfully it needs it after any workout or exercise.

Post workout protein shakes are a GREAT choice!  Whey, egg, a milk based protein powder or soy!

Post Workout Carb Choices  (Here are just a few choices or options)  To See the FULL LIST available when you get my book "28 Days to Extreme Fat Loss"

Glycemic Foods from High to Low                                      Ranking on the Glycemic Index
Maltodextrin or Gatorade                                                             150
Brown Rice Pasta                                                                         137
Cheerios                                                                                    103
Sweet Potato                                                                             54-77
Instant Oatmeal (in the tub)                                                       49-66 (probably 49)
Raisins                                                                                       64
Brown Rice                                                                                  55
Apples or Pears                                                                         36-54
Milk                                                                                          32-45

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