Remember to Keep Carbs in Your Diet

             Remember to Keep Carbs in Your Diet

mmmmm now doesn't that just look good?   Many people crave delicious satisfying carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates play a major role at promoting a person's health and fitness.  Carbs supply us with energy for the brain, fuel for hard working muscles and they help in building your body's strength and endurance.  Carbs also assist in the process of regulating blood and preventing your body from entering ketosis.  Carbohydrates supply our bodies with the energy it needs to fuel its metabolism to burn fat.  (Make sense!?)  Many of Americans over the last decade have been haunted and tormented from thinking they should eat carbs and are following low carb diets trying to lose weight (and MANY are very unsuccessful)

There are several factors at determining which kind of carbohydrates are best and how much.  I covered this subject MUCH more extensively in my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss".  Eating the right kinds of carbs depends on a person's goals.  Slow burning/digesting carbohydrates are best however fruits and vegetables cannot be ignored due to the fiber content and nutritional value.  Eating a diet that is too much in fruits obviously means one is consuming too much fruit sugar so remember to watch your fruit intake.  More is not necessarily better here.  The next time you are tempted to not keep carbs in your diet, just remember how important carbs are (especially to BURN FAT!!!)

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