The Thanksgiving Success Plan

The Thanksgiving 
   Success Plan!  

Enjoying Weight Loss Success and Dieting on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and many "like me" are planning on an enjoyable Thanksgiving feast with family and friends.  Just because you are on a weight loss program, or trying to stay fit and trim, or dieting (which you should not be dieting because REMEMBER the 28EXtreme Program philosophy is all about a life style change.  Nevertheless let me share some very valuable secrets with you that can help to assist you through the Thanksgiving holiday and the joyful time of Christmas and the Christmas season (November 21'st- January 6'th)

1.  Think Smart!  C'mon now, do I really need to say this?  Think smart.  I wish I didn't have to.  Really think smart about what you intend to do or not do over this holiday season.  Then stick to it.  Have a game plan and strategy for success.  For example, don't go over to a friend's house who is going to have lots of junk food unless you have the will power to say no or to only have a very small/tiny amount. (SERIOUSLY!)  I say it again.  Think smart!  Your waistline, hips, butt, and arms will thank you.

2.  Eat Smaller Portions!  Yes do use portion control!  Oh my the mighty portion control word.  We have all heard of this word but many will not practice it and will end up gaining an extra 5 to 10 pounds during the holidays. (very sad but true)  Your body can only handle so many calories (especially carbohydrates and fats) in one sitting.  So doesn't it make sense to... eat TWO meals instead of one ha ha?  Yes really and that is my next tip.  Smaller portions can lead to a smaller waistline, smaller clothes sizes, and a bigger smile : )

3.  Eat TWO meals instead of one.  If you understand anything about how the metabolism works (if not I thoroughly explained it in my EXtreme Fat Loss book) then you know that eating smaller meals is BEST.  I always eat a small meal (a normal sized meal for me) when everyone else eats (instead of a big huge one!) and I plan to eat again in about 2 to 2 and half hours (which is normal for me and I do watch the clock)  I am able to actually eat MORE food this way (plus I enjoy more food without picking up excess pounds ha ha ha!)  Eat a smaller meal then eat again in about 3 hours (notice that I said a "smaller" meal and not a huge one.

4.  Plan Ahead!  Plan out your strategy of what you are going to do on Thanksgiving day and during the holiday season and yes on Christmas too.  Especially those of you who will be attending Christmas parties.  I am sure the average person attends 2 or 3 Christmas parties at least where they have PLENTY of fattening food.  Notice that most of these parties are hosted and given by either your jobs or by people who do not have nor care about losing weight ha ha ha lol.  Be smart and plan your attack before you go.  If you have to, eat light before you go (something healthy with some protein and veges to keep you full)

5.  Do watch those calories!  Now when I say "Watch those calories"  I do not mean to be just watching them all the way to your mouth so that it turns into flab on your stomach, butt, and hips either!  Be aware of just how much you would be eating as far as calories and eating too many carbohydrates in one meal.  Your body does need carbs to burn fat so eating some is acceptable and recommended.  This is a great time to start keeping a food journal and calculating your calories to see how much you are eating and how much you can comfortably eat in a day.

6. Exercise earlier in the day!  Exercising and/or weight training earlier in the day can give you some freedom to be able to eat a little bit more during the day or evening.  If you already do, then do a little bit more.  If you already do 30 min of cardio then do 45 minutes.  If you already do 45 minutes I would not do any more than 60 minutes (but I personally only recommend 45 minutes of cardio anyways.  I discuss this in my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss" in the Cardiovascular Exercise chapter.

7.  Drink Plenty of Water!  This is a no brainer.  Most of you if not all of you know this so please do practice it and drink plenty of water.  Drink 8 to 12 glasses (cups) of water a day.  This can include tea,  (sugar free) or Crystal Light (Walmart or Kroger brand)  Drinking water actually increases the metabolism, improves digestion, improves health and the immune system plus so many more things.  Drinking plenty of water is very important.  Find ways to begin drinking and consuming more water.  For those of you who already are, GREAT job!!!  Keep it up!

8. Visualize Your Desired Outcome!  There is power in visualization.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes a day visualizing what you want to do (especially if you are going to a party or family's house where they have lots of junk food and finger food)  Close your eyes and really begin to visualize what you really want to happen.  Then tell yourself (out loud by using affirmations) on what you want and intend to happen (I am being serious here) and repeat each affirmation at least 3 times. (10 might be better for many of you at this time of the year.)

9.  Eat Breakfast and Lunch!    You should be doing this already anyways but when you do this you will find yourself not as hungry come dinner time.  Although you will be hungry or at least your body will most likely be open to accept food.  Many have a hard time understanding this so when many are not hungry they won't eat.  Believe it or not, if you are eating smaller meals throughout the day, even when you do not feel hungry, your body will still be open to accepting food.  I explained this in more detail in my EXtreme Fat Loss book.

10. Do be Realistic.  It is not easy for most to lose weight during the holidays unless you have an AWESOME coach "LIKE ME" ha ha.  This is a better time for weight management than weight loss however it can be done.  No sense in being hard on yourself.  Celebrate the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and enjoy time with your loved ones, family, friends, and co workers.  People's schedules are even more busy with family and friends plus there are lots of temptations for sweets, junk food, good food, alcohol, etc.  Yes I do understand so do be realistic but "Plan for Success"  See tips #1 and tip #4 again!

11.  Get Started Today!  This is mainly for those of you who have lost loved ones or have recently ended relationships, marriages, and would be sitting around the house sad, depressed, and lonely.  No one enjoys being sad or lonely and I do sympathize and empathize with you.  But this then is the most important time for you to get started doing something to lift your spirits, your life, your self esteem, and to create a very positive and optimistic outlook on life.

Although it is surely not fun spending the holidays alone and many of you are missing loved ones that you might normally be spending time with.  Hopefully, you can remember their smile, and how they were an important part of your life.  But most importantly, as you think of them with a smile, get started today on a new fitness or weight loss program for you.  Do contact me as you find you need help.  For those of you who have lost loved ones, I will be praying for you this holiday season. May God Bless You!

12.  Contact Me Today!  Contact me as you feel you need help, encouragement, motivation, recommendations.  Contact me now!  You can start a new Weight Loss or Fitness Program Today!  CLICK HERE NOW to get started on a new Weight Loss or Fitness Program. I serve clients World Wide!  Contact me today and you can get a FREE Body Fat Analysis, FREE Customized Nutrition Assessment, Two FREE Coaching Sessions, and Two FREE Personal Training Workouts!!!

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Sincerely Yours in Health, May God Bless You!

Kel Silas CFT MHT

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