Procrastination and Decision

Procrastination and Decision

Procrastination.... UGH!!! You mean I have to do something? Yea we all know EXACTLY what the word procrastination means. We have ALL done it at one time in our lives. We suddenly decide and realize we want, need, or have to do something. And instead of taking action immediately or when we say we are going to, we end up putting it off... and putting it off... and putting it off... and it never gets started let alone finished. 

So why is this? Why does it happen? There can be several reasons. First, life gets in the way. Several things come up or are other priorities. Things such as work, kids, kid's programs and activities, kid's sports, school or college, hanging out with friends, family commitments, health issues, cooking and cleaning, house work, gardening, taking care of pets, unforeseen things that suddenly pop up.  You know I'm talking about those real life disasters such as the car breaking down or your best friend calls you 24/7 because they are going through a divorce.
Does any of these pictures below look familiar?

Secondly, we don't really want to do it. We know we have to do it but we really don't want to do it.  I have spoken with lots of people who literally hate exercise.  Look for a video soon that I will post with a new client who she hates it!!!!!!!!!  It's so hard for me to fathom because I grew up an athlete.  I have exercised all my life.  I miss those days of riding my bike outside with my friends or playing basketball all day at my neighbor's house.  We used to run and play as kids even hours of hide and seek or games of wiffleball or street football.

Tony Robbins the motivational speaker talks about pain and pleasure. I have him on cd but he also talks about it on this You Tube video. You can see the video here. For some people, they are viewing exercise and working out as PAIN and a HARD thing. They dread it and it seems like a chore that they don't want to get started on.  Because of this pain associated with exercise, working out, trying to lose weight, dieting and eating right, these people seem to never get started.  Or if they do it doesn't last too long.  
 Many people associate pain with quitting smoking and the pleasure they think they get from smoking is more than the pain to quit.  So nevertheless many people don't quit, because they associate pleasure with smoking and it is greater than their perceived pain to quit.

​​Bad feelings are associated with these things by these people.  Anger, sadness, failure, no freedom, and other negative bad feelings are associated with exercise, working out, and eating healthy by these people.  These people might say "It takes up a lot of my time. I'm too busy.  I could never lose 50 lbs.  It's too hard.  I have tried everything to lose weight and just can't seem to."

And ​then there are others who begin to associate exercise and working out with happiness, freedom, joy, victory, success, good feelings, and looking good and feeling amazing, plus having more energy.  These people are able to go and feel good about their program or they have a sense of optimism.  They accept the challenge.  They might not see immediate success but they keep on trying and convinced they will achieve success somehow.

No one ever lost weight, got in shape, and achieved their goals by procrastination.
 Many a people have started off procrastinating but eventually to achieve their goals they decided to TAKE ACTION and start doing something. The opposite of procrastination is decision.  you must DECIDE that you are ready to take action.  And I can always tell when people really aren't ready.  I see people all the time or talk to them online. People are always telling me they need to get started losing weight and for many it just doesn't happen.  For some reason these people don't seem to see the value in themselves.  They end up putting everyone and everything else first but themselves.  Eventually they become very stressed and depressed about it all.

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You have to DECIDE that enough is enough and NOW is the time to TAKE ACTION!  You have to get very very organized​ with your time (yes time management is HUGE here).  A person doesn't have to spend hours working out.  They only realistically need to spend about 3 to 6 hours a week between exercise/cardio time and weight training.  That is:

30​ to 45 min 3 or 4 days a week (5 to 6 at the most). And that's for cardio. What makes this work is the secret of doing cardio.  Read about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) click here.  This was just posted on CBS yesterday.  I talk about this in my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss."  It has also been discussed by many other fitness experts.

If you go to the gym to workout with weights then I would say in most cases 45 to 60 minutes 3 to 4 days a week is plenty.  Remember, a person doesn't burn many calories or any fat by sitting around procrastinating.

​To decide you are ready to do something, a person must have some good reasons that trigger emotions.  Having emotional reasons to get in shape or lose weight is very important.  Reasons such as, you just recently became single, you just lost a family member to death, you have been stressed or depressed, you have some health problems/issues, you have a wedding coming up, you have to improve your health or you may die, you know someone who died way too young, you are tired of not having any energy, you are getting older.  There are several other good emotional reasons.  You need to figure out yours.  Then you must all this emotional reason(s) to be your fuel, energy, determination, and motivation to workout and eat right.
​Once you have this emotional reason(s)​ then you must decide "why" this is important.  Yea so what you want to lose weight and get in shape, but "why?".  The why is kind of like your emotional reason(s).  You must figure out why you want to do anything if you ever want to do it.  You get out of bed and go to work so that you will have money to pay the bills and take care of yourself (and possibly your family too).

​​Many kids associate pain with things like cleaning up their room or doing chores.  Kids finally clean up their rooms or do the chores because they begin to associate pleasure with not hearing their parents complain or ground them.  Or it could be them being able to go out with their friends.  They begin to associate pain with not being able to go out with their friends or having their cell phone taken away.  You must establish pain in their minds, if you want them to finally TAKE ACTION.
Why be putting off til tomorrow what you can do today!!!
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